Implant in Alanya Price List

Your dental treatment at Implant in Alanya

Our highly experienced clinical team provide comprehensive dentistry in world-class surroundings tailored for you and your unique needs. Before any treatment is undertaken, we provide you with an explanation and a written estimate of costs. We pride ourselves on our care of each patient as an individual.

Starting Prices

Examination 30
Controle Examination 25
Digital Periapical X-Ray 15
Panoramic X-Ray 30
Oral Hygiene Education 25
Vitality Controle 5
Local Anesthesia(injection-infiltrative) 7
Local Anesthesia(regional) 7
Diagnosis and Treatment Plan 35
Composite Filling (occlusal-cervical) 45
Composite Filling (approximal-OM,OD) 50
Composite Filling (approximal-MOD) 55
Composite Inlay Filling (occlusal) 70
Composite Inlay Filling (approximal-OM,OD) 90
Composite Inlay Filling (approximal-MOD) 115
Ceramic Inlay Filling (occlusal) 190
Ceramic Inlay Filling (approximal-OM,OD) 220
Ceramic Inlay Filling (approximal-MOD) 240
Glass Ionomer Filling 35
Removing Filling 25
Repairing Filling(Restoration) 35
Composite Laminate Veneer 95
Vital/Devital Bleaching(per tooth) 35
Teeth Bleaching(whole) 175
Home Bleaching 130
Pulp Capping 10
Pulp Extirpation(per canal/root) 30
Root Canal Treatment(one root) 108
Root Canal Treatment(two roots) 139
Each extra canal 37
Root Canal Treatment-with apical lesion(one root) 130
Root Canal Treatment-with apical lesion(two roots) 159
Root Canal Treatment-with apical lesion(three roots) 200
Removing Canal Filling(per root) 40
Retreatment(renovation canal filling-per root) 65
Implementation of Intra-canal Pivot 35
Implementation of Intra-canal Fiber Pivot 87
Braces one jaw 869
Braces together starting from 1305
Removable ort treatment plaques before starting each 348
Fissure Sealent 30
Local Application of Fluoride(half-jaw) 22
Compomer Filling 52
Placeholder(stable) 95
Placeholder(mobile) 139
Child Prosthesis(acrylic-whole-per jaw) 269
Child Prosthesis(acrylic-partial-per jaw) 250
Root Canal Treatment(open apex-per root) 95
Pulp Amputation(filling not incl.) 39
Professional Cleaning+Polishing (per jaw) 44
Subgingival Curettage (per tooth) 17
Periodontal Splint(stable) 188
Periodontal Splint(mobile) 139
Flap Operation-subgingival curettage icl.(per tooth) 60
Whole Denture(acrylic-one jaw) 478
Partial Denture(acrylic-one jaw) 478
Whole Denture(metal based-one jaw) 525
Partial Denture(metal based-one jaw) 574
Denture with precision holder(holders not inc.) 598
Denture on Implant(abutment not incl.) 574
Refilling Bottom of Denture(hard acrylic) 143
Refilling Bottom of Denture(soft acrylic) 143
Repairing Denture( acrylic) 71
Repairing Denture(metal) 71
Adding tooth 57
Nightguard(bruxism) 95
Professional Guard(sports) 143
Veneer Crown(metal based ceramic) 165
Veneer Crown(without metal)(empress ceramic)  200
Veneer Crown((zirconium based ceramic)  310
Laminate Veneer Crown(ceramic/porcelain)  290
Composite veneer   150
Telescope Crown(Primer) 71
Telescope Crown(Seconder) 143
Using Milling Technic 42
Maryland Bridge(adhesive) 167
Temprorary Crown 33
Overdenture 525
Repairing Crown/Bridge(per tooth) 57
Detaching Crown/Bridge(per unit) 28
Recementation of Crown/Bridge(per unit) 24
Simple Extraction 33
Complicated Extraction 71
Impacted Tooth Operation 134
Impacted Tooth Operation(with bone retention) 167
Abscess Drainage 57
Apical Resection 167
Cyst Operation 192
Intraosseos Implant 750
Sinus Lifting(biomaterial not incl.) 167
Bone Graft(material cost not icl.) 167
Lingual Retainer 181
Reinforcement Apparatus(havley pi) 174
Repairing Apparatus 81
Rapid Palatal Expantion Apparatus 236
Nance Apparatus 157
Pendex Apparatus 324
Turkish Implant 400
German Implant 600

*This price list is valid until 31 December 2019.

*Tax is included.

*Out of working hours,cost of treatments is 50% more than price list. Working hours: 09.00-13.00, 14.00-19.00 except on Sunday.

*cost of treatments which are done under general anesthesia is 50% more than price list.

*Cost of treatments outside the clinic( house, office, hotel, etc.) is 50% more than price list.